Katherine Bates is an independent designer, wife, and cat mom in Chattanooga, Tennessee with an affinity for combining simplicity with thoughtful details to clearly communicate the needs of a client.


What do most successful companies have in common? Exceptional branding. After getting to know the needs of you and your business, I strive to create a unique and harmonious visual identity that will reflect the vision of your brand now and in the future. 

Web Design

In today's world, a strong, beautifully designed website is a crucial part of any business. Working together, we will create an intuitive website solution that is clear and concise while also being a visual extension of your brand.  

Print & More   

From business cards to editorial layouts to product packaging, print design brings your company's vision to life through physical materials. By extending your brand through a variety of mediums you will be able to better connect to customers and grow your business.