Baxter B Barker 

Baxter B Barker is a high-end pet outfitter located in Charleston, South Carolina. Started by sisters Lucy and Scarlett Hutchings and named after their childhood dog, Baxter B Barker focuses on treats, toys, and accessories for cats and dogs.

Their mission is to create products that are attractive while still being pet-friendly and functional, all while helping animals that haven’t found their “people” yet. By commiting 15% of profits to shelters and hosting local adoption drives at their flagship store three times a year, they aim to reduce the homeless pet population through their quality pet products. 


Playing off the alliteration in their name, I carefully incorporated the letter "b" into their dog house logo.  With finding “forever homes” being the core value of the company, I found inspiration for their brand in the classic American visuals of “home” from the 1950’s and 60’s such as plaid picnic blankets and the pop of pencil yellow.